Are you ready to start your digital journey? Below is a list of the variety of modules we offer as part of the training. You can choose specific modules, or if you would prefer we can cover them all.

Digital world

A great way to start your digital training. We will show you how digital marketing can transform your business. We will begin by providing you with the necessary tools to build a successful digital platform. We will also introduce you to the cutting edge technologies that will revolutionise the digital future.


The world of digital marketing encompasses a large number of disciplines. Coding, social media, data analytics, websites, apps to name but a few. Following completion of this module, you will have learnt all the components needed to deliver a successful multi- channel digital campaign.


Want to crack the code? This is an essential introduction to the world of coding and will help you understand what it takes to build your high-tech apps and websites. You will learn how to do basic coding and the differences between the key coding languages. Now could not be a better time to become a member of the coding community.


UX, or user experience, is red hot right now. Explore the principles behind user planning that aims to make your digital output all things to all users. Learn to spot the pitfalls that put your call to action or core content one click too far.

Understanding analytics

Evaluation is key in digital. You need to always be checking what digital elements are working well and what needs fixing. The problem is analytic data reports are becoming increasingly more detailed and harder to interpret. We will show you how to pick apart your data reports and select the parts that really matter. After finishing this module, you will have the key skills needed to evaluate, process and visualise your digital data.

Digital strategy

Developing a digital strategy may seem a struggle due to the range of digital channels, outputs, feedback options and analytics available. We will take you back to basics and show you the framework needed to develop a successful digital strategy. We will demonstrate how content strategy can deliver specific, measurable results and can transform any digital campaign.

Email marketing

How many emails do you get a day? Which ones do you delete before reading? We will show you what makes a successful direct email campaign. This will include ways to track metrics on your emails so you know exactly how your readers engaged with your message. Make your emails matter.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

SEM is pivotal for making the most out of an online marketing programme. You will leave this training knowing the key principles behind search engine optimisation and the techniques to boost your site’s free listings profile. We will also show you how to make the most of instant impact options offered by paid listings and affiliate schemes.

Social media

The power of social media is clear for everyone to see. You can now engage with millions of people within seconds. With this module, you will learn how to utilise social media channels to their full potential. Key learnings will include how to create and manage a successful Facebook group and Twitter campaign. We will help you bring your social media strategy to life.