What we do

We could list what we do. But when it comes to healthcare marketing, frankly, there’s not much we can’t do. We feel confident that, whatever your need, we can deliver.

Every project we do starts with one question: what is your communication problem? Together, we’ll shape a clear strategy. The channels and creative we use will be chosen to resonate with whoever we are talking to and meet their specific needs: be it patients, healthcare professionals or carers. We’ll never churn out work for the sake of it.

How we do it

We put the customer right at the centre of everything. What motivates them? What do they care about? What are their habits?


Building a clear picture of your customer allows us to find the insight that can change everything. It only takes a well-placed nudge to change behaviour for good.

You’ll find us at the intersection of science, technology and creativity.

We strongly believe healthcare communications should be approached in the same way as any other form of marketing communications. If anything, the challenges – and therefore the opportunities – are more meaningful.

To make a real difference in the world, we need to stimulate a well-informed population of professionals and patients. Bland is not going to cut it. Healthcare professionals are still people however much they pretend otherwise.

That’s why we strive to produce truly innovative creative solutions driven by analytics and data.

Scientific knowledge

There is one exception to our philosophy ‘treat healthcare like any other communication challenge’ – that is, of course, scientific knowledge. And we have it in spades. From medical writers to project managers, we stay up to date in every relevant therapy area. Your team will be keenly well-informed: data, legislation, market trends, healthcare systems, economic factors, patient profiles – we have it covered.


The way we consume information is changing, and with it, the healthcare landscape is changing too. We’re excited by the new possibilities that come with this and thrive on redefining traditional approaches.

Of course, this is only possible thanks to our strong in-house team of digital experts, coders, creative thinkers, gadget enthusiasts: and our clients. We’ve done everything from regular digital innovation labs to interactive reps. And we can’t wait for our next challenge.


Great creative work is never made in isolation. It isn’t making something look beautiful or sound clever for the sake of it. It’s using imagination as part of the problem-solving process.

The creative work we’ll produce for you will deliver a simple message in a way that surprises, pleases, intrigues or moves your customers – and ultimately prompts them to evaluate their own behaviour.


Innovation is a word that gets thrown around far too often. Nevertheless, it’s something that’s in our very DNA because true innovation can change lives. We’ll never offer you the same tired solution to your problem.

We think beyond the pill. We look at the big picture. What is the customer’s journey? What’s changing in their world? What does this mean to them? By asking these questions, we can solve your communication problems in unexpected and meaningful ways.