Our world is changing at lightning speed. At the ICC garage, we test ideas and tinker with the latest technology to ensure you keep up, get ahead, and achieve better ROI.


Remote interactive learning / selling tool. A valuable asset in an age of rapidly declining access.


Closed Loop Marketing tool. No coding. No delays. Our tool can help you launch your detail aid within a week at less than half the cost.


Content aggregation tool assembles all key real time content at one must-see place. Useful for ‘owning’ a therapy area or an educational initiative.

Data Visualisation

In an age of massive data availability synthesising it into visual, easy to digest graphics can be a complete revelation and an impressive addition to your communication.

Training Platform

Creating training materials and methods can be laborious. We have a framework you can taylor that engages people with native device use, gamification methods and nudge theory built in.

Social Q&A

Patients and carers are constantly seeking information about their illness online. Our unique algorithm helps find those patients and educates them through video and relevant content.