The development of our patient access and retention department (PAR) was driven by our passion for innovation and digital solutions in healthcare. We offer a range of services that support you, and your patients, at every stage of clinical trials.

Strategic planning

Strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We can assist and guide you through the process of planning, ensuring maximum exposure to your target audience at the right time.

Study branding

We have a strong, award-winning heritage in branding and advertising. We can develop a strong and unique identity for your study, allowing recognition and engagement with your target audience.

Study advertising

Our award-winning heritage in advertising makes us well placed to develop an appropriate and engaging campaign for your study. We pinpoint and use the best channels to capture your target audience and are constantly looking for innovations that can carry your message further than before.

Patient awareness

Using our previous experience of building patient-centric communications, driven by digital innovation, we can engage your patients with bespoke tools. We know how to speak to patients in their language, on their terms.

Patient retention

More than 25,000 clinical trials are published each year and yet, only 55% meet patient recruitment targets. By building the tools patients need, we aim to make it easy to be part of something amazing and remain in important clinical trials.

Media planning

As part of our offering, we ensure that the most appropriate channels are used in order to reach your target patients at the right time. Not only do we offer strategic media planning, we are also able to implement this for you.

Market research

Building upon insight is vital to our success. We gain valuable and relevant insights through market research, allowing us to thoroughly survey the landscape. In doing this, we clearly identify the challenges and assumptions in the area, allowing us to overcome them.

Connected devices

The future is digital and the future is now. More and more, patients are connected using a range of devices and we need to be able to reach them on all platforms. Creating seamless experiences, across a range of devices and platforms, is something we have proudly pioneered.

Digital production

Our digital production capabilities are outstanding. We can produce a wide range of creative, digital solutions in-house, giving you a bespoke experience that is completely customisable.


Great user experience is a must and we work hard to ensure that our ‘tools’ and communications deliver that. We build everything with insight, using built-in data capture, allowing us to analyse how users are interacting with you. This allows us to constantly improve our work and listen to the people that really matter – the users.